‘Lavender’ – a poem by Sean Martin

One day you’ll meet a girl that’s different from the rest.

Her hair will be made of flowers, blossoming lavenders and pinks that only you can see.

You may go mad for a moment when you learn that the world doesn’t see her like you do, you’ll notice flowers are missing petals and some will never grow back but you’ll promise to water them with kind words every day, in an attempt fix what the world tried to break.

She’ll show you colours you didn’t know existed and the moment you know you’ve fallen in love is when she shows you that you’re made of flowers too, just as beautiful as hers.

2 Replies to “‘Lavender’ – a poem by Sean Martin

  1. I first saw your work on Instagram, but your poems are really good – don’t know where you are based, but checking out the slam scene in your area seems like it would definitely be right up your alley

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