‘Seasons’ a poem by Karen Natania

She was like summer,

She wore bright colors brilliantly,

She enjoyed dancing in the sunlight,

She was easy to read,

Her laughter would’ve made everyone’s day a hundred times better,

She was the one person everyone adored and longed for.


Her heart was always at the edge of her thin cardigan.

He was like fall,

He knew his red shades by heart,

He wrapped his heart around the thick amount of scarves,

He hid his secrets behind his thick rimmed glasses frame,

His laughter made people feel comfortable, warm almost,

He was the one everyone wanted to be around during a tough time or a lonely time,

Not everyone waited eagerly for him to come around,

He just did.


And that’s why the two are so different,

And maybe that’s why they never worked out.

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