Oh Moon, my Moon a poem by Branislav Petrovic

oh moon, my moon
waiting for you to come home
To bright up the dark pattern we live on
oh moon, my moon
haven’t seen your face for so long
how will you look like now?
’cause every time I see your face
I always wonder
what to write about next
oh moon, my moon
I’ve been seeking for you every night
but you are, as usual, absent in the daylight
when I see you I smile too much
it feels so good to see an old friend
after some time spent on the sun
oh moon, my moon
people say you are beautiful when you’re full
why then they watch you
for a second or two?
oh moon, my moon
so beautiful and bright
so unknown and untouched
oh moon, my moon
they’ ll never know that you live my life
a life full of light in the dark
oh moon, my moon
I love you too much
I hope that you’ll be here
when I’m not longer around
oh moon, my moon
– b.p.

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